Is wine bad for you?

Yes. So says a study released by The Lancet last week. Or to quote the study directly: “By evaluating all associated relative risks for alcohol use, we found that consuming zero standard drinks daily minimises the overall risk to health.” So there you have it. Settled science. No more ‘moderate consumption’. No more ‘a glass[…]

Better living through chemistry!

I get it…wine writers desperately need their jobs (until at least that unfinished novel gets, uh, finished) so, of course, they’ll tell you that wine is too complicated and mysterious and magical to be left to the unwashed masses. Good doctors don’t tell you to log onto WebMD for a diagnosis, right? Good lawyers don’t[…]

Tasting notes; New Arrivals, 8/25/18

Gobelsburg Gruner Veltliner, Kamptal 2017 Regular price: $22.99 Sale Price: $17.99 Schloss Gobelsburg, a Cistercian monastic estate, is one of the oldest wineries in the Danube area with a documented history that dates back to 1171. This is a classic Gruner; green plum, white pepper and freshly cut grass aromas lead into subtle stone fruit[…]

My Favorite Wine: 8/22/18

2017 Maison Philippe Viallet Savoie Rosé Vin de Savoie, FR Regular Price $16.99 Sale Price $12.99   Good wine, at the very least, should be refreshing. By that I mean the wine should finish with enough acidity to clean one’s palate, refreshing it for the next sip or bite. Wines that do not refresh are[…]

Try Something Different Tonight, 8/17/2018

2016 Lionel Faury Saint-Joseph Blanc Northern Rhone, FR Regular Price $37.99 Sale Price $29.99 I have to confess that I love Roussanne and Marsanne, the dominant white grapes of the Northern Rhone, both individually and blended together. They produce complex white wines of richness and power, that age interestingly and well. They are precisely the[…]

Cork Dork

Once upon a time, wine was simple. Someone in the neighborhood grew grapes and someone in the family turned the grapes into wine and put it in barrels and traded it for other goods (or drank it themselves). Actually, nearly everyone grew grapes or knew someone who did, so wine was plentiful and cheap and[…]

My Favorite Wine: August 15, 2018

2017 Pierre et Rodolphe Gauthier ‘Jour de Soif’ Bourgueil Loire Valley, FR Regular Price $19.99 Sale Price $15.99 Here’s the thing…there’s an ocean of wine out there. And of that ocean of wine, only a few stand out, not because of some critics’ opinion (face it, the public doesn’t read the wine press, it’s all[…]