Red wine with fish!

It has divided nations. Toppled empires. Destroyed civilizations. Shattered friendships. Its long been rumored the real reason for the Beatles’ break-up. Red wine with fish. Quelle horreur! Or not. Depending on your point of view, the question of which wine ‘pairs’ well with what food is either too nonsensical to even say out loud or[…]

Rosé tasting: August 26, 2pm – 6pm

Lauverjat, Sancerre Rosé 2016 Regular Price $22.99 Sale price $17.99 100% Pinot Noir. the wine is wonderfully expressive, with notes of wild strawberries, raspberries and of course the lovely minerality one would expect from Sancerre Domaine de la Chanteleuserie, Bourgueil Rosé 2015 Regular Price $14.99 Sale price $11.99 100% Cabernet Franc. This is a lovely[…]

Just what in the hell is a natural wine?

Wine is endlessly fun to be around, especially because of all the goofy, pretentious, know-it-alls who delight in exclaiming that their wine sensibilities are superior to yours.You know who they are; you’ve heard them take up every ‘cutting edge’ wine position possible…California Great! (1976), Bordeaux the Best! (1982), 100 Pt Wine! (1990), Garagistes! (1995), The[…]


Earlier this week, I read an editorial by David Brooks in the New York Times titled, “How to Roll Back Fanaticism.” I don’t often find myself agreeing with Mr. Brooks’ opinions, but I read them regardless; I want to be open-minded and give myself an opportunity to be wrong. This piece struck a chord with[…]

Wine Songs

Quick! What’s your favorite song? Is it fast or slow? Melodic, harmonic, atonal? Instrumental or a cappela? A ballad, a ditty, a jingle? Acoustical or electronic? Blues, rap, country, jazz, folk? Orchestral or traditional? Too many questions? Too many options? Maybe your musical tastes are too diverse to pin down? Maybe it depends on the[…]

Wine Tasting: Loire Valley Wines

Serge Dagueneau Pouilly Fume “Les Pentes’  2015 Regular Price $28.99 Sale price $22.99 “Les Pentes” means “The Slopes” as this is a south-facing sloped vineyard that soaks in the summer sun. On the fruitier side of Pouilly Fume with melon and apricot  aromas first, then citrus flavors and minerality after. Stainless steel tank fermented, it’s[…]

Free Your Mind

I have a problem. My problem is what I’ll call ‘wine myopia’; specifically, the unfortunate refusal of many people to even try wines from that are not ripe, juicy, high alcohol reds. It’s perfectly acceptable to have preferences. I find no fault in the individual that thinks Zinfandel, for example, is just fab. But when[…]