Tasting notes, Chardonnay, Dec 1, 2018

Let’s be honest…there are a whole lot of people that claim that they absolutely hate Chardonnay and yet secretly drink the living shit out of it. And/or, there exist people that think that Chardonnay is a flavor and since the flavor of the one Chardonnays that they tasted didn’t appeal to them, they’ve turned to[…]

2008 Amapola Creek Cabernet Sauvignon

It’s common (although flawed) knowledge that wines get better with age. I say ‘flawed’ because while all wines will change with age, some might even get better. And it’s quite unsurprising how often the ‘experts’ are wrong about which (and how) wines age beneficially. (Read this!) But, rather than going down that particular rabbit hole[…]

Le Beaujolais Nouveau est Arrive!

2018 Pierre-Marie Chermette Beaujolais Vieille Vignes Primeur ‘Origine’ Regular price: $18.99 Sale price: $14.99   2018 Château Gaillard Beaujolais Villages Nouveau Regular price: $14.99 Sale price: $11.99   2018 Christophe Pacalet Beaujolais Nouveau Regular price: $22.99 Sale price: $17.99   Ok, its that time again. But, listen…you don’t have to drink this wine. It’s not[…]


Italian wines are incredibly challenging, largely because many of the grapes found in Italy are not grown abundantly anywhere else in the world. The sheer number of wines and wine styles produced in Italy also makes it difficult for the casual wine lover to really grasp the essence of Italian wines. And finally, the tradition[…]

Perfect for Thanksgiving!

As we leave daylight savings time behind, and the temperature drops to and then remains at 50 degrees, there is no longer any doubt of the season. And as the calendar shows November, thoughts turn naturally to…rosé. Or at least they should. You see, Pinot Noir rosé is the perfect wine for the Thanksgiving table.[…]