Cocktail Time!

All things go out of fashion eventually; many are re-discovered by a subsequent or future generation. Cocktails are perhaps exceptional in that they were fashionable for about 80 of the past 100 years. As a soon-to-be senior and an amateur alcohol historian, I can easily recall the cocktails of the 60’s and 70’s and my[…]

My Favorite wine, February 14, 2018

2016 Mont Marcal Brut Rosado Cava Regular price $19.99 Sale Price $15.99 While many eschew the commercialism of Valentine’s Day, its actually does have some historical credibility. And while there are different viewpoints as to exactly which St. Valentine the holiday was named for, its pretty clear that they were two that were executed on or around February[…]

Wine is for Lovers

I’m not going to dive down some rabbit hole and conjecture some mysterious connection between St. Valentine’s Day and Roman bacchanalian rites to support my topic. Nor am I going to attempt to wax poetically on the alleged romantic virtues of red or sparkling wine. And, let’s just get it out there…wine is no more[…]

Wine Tasting, February 10, 2018: Wines for St Valentine’s Day

Cava Mont Marcal Rosado, Brut 2016 Regular Price $19.99 Sale Price $15.99 A delicious and beautifully colored sparkling rosé, the wine expresses cherry and plum aromas with fresh bright berry flavors following. It’s a joyful, lovely, delightful wine. Domaine Saint Damien Gigondas Rosé  2016 Regular Price $29.99 Sale price $23.99 Old vine Cinsault with younger[…]