My favorite wine; December 28, 2018

2016 Savary Chablis Burgundy, FR Regular Price: $29.99 Sale Price $23.99 So, here’s the thing…some people won’t drink white wine in cold weather. I’m not sure why that is. Because it’s served chilled? So what, they don’t drink coffee in the summer? Still other people won’t drink white wine at all. It seems that somehow,[…]

Great wine for a $20…

2016  Hillinger Zweigelt Burgenland, Austria Regular Price: $21.99 Sale Price $17.99 Wanna have some fun this holiday season? When your brother-in-law, the wine expert, starts mouthing off about his last trip to Napa and all the 100 point wines in his ‘cellar’, ask him about Austrian reds. Nope, tell him, not Australia…Austria. Then sit back[…]

My Favorite Wine, 12/19/2018

2016 Valerie Forgues Gamay Touraine, Loire Valley Regular Price $24.99 Sale Price $19.99 Loire Valley Gamay is one of the grapes that wine critics almost never reference, as the resulting wines are seldom deep, dense, hedonistic, jammy or purple/black. Instead, they are often balanced, precise, transparent and delicious, exhibiting aromas of the soil and river[…]