My Favorite Wine: August 1, 2018

2016 Jean-Luc Mader Pinot Gris Hunawihr, Alsace Regular Price $22.99 Sale Price $17.99 But here’s the real problem with wines from Alsace; they just don’t behave! I mean, they are mostly white, and as the wine gatekeepers will tell you, white wines are thin (not true, but stay with me here). The critics gush over[…]

Tasting notes: July 28, 2018

La Mateo Rioja (Jovan) 2016 Regular price: $12.99 Sale Price: $9.99 Old (45 yrs), low yielding, non-irrigated vines, hand-picked, fermented slowly then aged for 6 months in 2 year old barrels. The wine is rich, balanced and well-made. It starts off a bit reticent but gains weight and aromatics in the glass. Half way through[…]

Try something different tonight; July 27, 2018

2015 Le Rocher des Violettes ‘Touche-Mitaine’ Montlouis-sur-Loire, FR Regular Price $28.99 Sale Price $22.99 The most famous wine in the middle Loire Valley is Vouvray, made entirely of Chenin Blanc, one the greatest and most versatile wine grapes on the planet. Lesser known, and just across the Loire River, is tiny Montlouis, a fifth of[…]


Ah, summer! Time for vacation! And whether you decamp for the beach or the lake or the mountains (or if you just stay at home) a common activity is grilling! And regardless of what (or where) you’re grilling, the wine to drink with grilled foods is Rioja. No question about it. Riojas work with burgers[…]

My Favorite Wine; July 25, 2018

2016 La Mateo Rioja, Spain Regular Price $12.99 Sale Price $9.99 The challenge in making a good, cheap wine is that nearly every step that you undertake to make a better wine is antithetical to making a cheap wine. First of all, to make a cheap wine, you need cheap grapes. So, you can’t grow[…]

Summer Reds: 7/21/2018

Brigaldara Valpolicella DOC 2016 Regular price: $16.99 Sale Price: $12.99 The principal grapes in Valpolicella are largely unknown beyond Verona: Corvina, Molinara and Rondinella and although the quantity of wine produced in the area is 2nd only to Tuscany, many don’t know (or appreciate) the virtues of Valpolicella. This is a wine of grace rather[…]

Sour Grapes

Today’s New York Times (online) featured an editorial by Eric Asimov, bashing wine ‘populists’ for bashing wine ‘experts’. Full disclosure: I seldom agree with Mr. Asimov, so no one really should be surprised to learn that I don’t entirely agree with him in this instance either. But rather than undertaking a point by point criticism,[…]

Bastille Day wine tasting; Friday, July 13, 2018

Famille Brocard ‘Margote’ Chardonnay, Vin de France 2017 Regular price: $14.99 Sale Price: $11.99 Crisp and clean, this unoaked Chardonnay from the esteemed Chablis producer Jean-Marc Brocard is sourced from Loire, Languedoc and Burgundy. Fresh and refreshing it’s a great summer Chardonnay and the perfect response to the ABC (anything but Chardonnay) crowd. Château de[…]

Viva La France!

Viva la France! It’s the eve of Bastille Day, the common name for the French holiday, la Fête Nationale, which is roughly equivalent to our Independence Day. And although one could criticize the actual significance of the storming of the Bastille (which was actually holding 7 prisoners at the time, none of notable political importance),[…]