Why Vermouth?

La Quintinye Vermouth RoyalBlanc or RougeRegular price…$29.99Sale price…$24.99 Why vermouth? But, perhaps first, what is vermouth? At its core, vermouth is a wine based spirit, enhanced by herbs and spices and fortified with neutral spirits (think unaged brandy). The result is a beverage that serves primarily as an aperitif (before the meal) and cocktail addition[…]

Does ‘Vintage’ Matter?

Wine is simple. So simple, in fact, that a great many people withonly very rudimentary wine knowledge can pass themselves off as experts and get jobs talking about wine on the radio or writing about wine for newspapers, magazines, or even their own publications! But, in order to maintain their facade as experts, these poseurs[…]

The modern myth of dry wine

Stop pretending! Admit it! It’s nothing to be ashamed of! You love sweet wine. And there is nothing wrong with that. I know. All your wine poseur friends insist that sweet wines are for ladies and other less sophisticated sorts. Instead, they’ll tell you, manly men drink big, robust, tannic wines like Napa Cabernet and[…]


Bigotry is the child of ignorance and fear. Always was, always will be. So, it’s time to talk candidly about wine bigotry. Ready? Pigmentation is not a factor in the flavor of your wine. Nor is it a factor in sweetness level, alcohol level or viscosity. Pigmentation does not influence aging nor does pigmentation affect[…]

Perfect for Thanksgiving!

As we leave daylight savings time behind, and the temperature drops to and then remains at 50 degrees, there is no longer any doubt of the season. And as the calendar shows November, thoughts turn naturally to…rosé. Or at least they should. You see, Pinot Noir rosé is the perfect wine for the Thanksgiving table.[…]

Local Schmocal

Perhaps you’ve heard, now all fifty states are producing wine. (Silence) I’m not trying to be mean. I’m sure that there are quite a few interesting, well made, and smartly priced wines coming from Idaho, Arkansas and Ohio (among other places). And I’m quite sure that the owners of these wineries are well-meaning souls, pillars[…]

Food & Wine! Or wine & food?

Food and Wine! Or wine & food? Some people insist on making drinking wine complicated. A case in point is the never ending debate about pairing wines with food. Should you? Of course. Must you? Of course not. And precisely, what pairs well with what? Well, precisely, no one really knows. That’s because the same[…]