Bigotry is the child of ignorance and fear. Always was, always will be. So, it’s time to talk candidly about wine bigotry. Ready? Pigmentation is not a factor in the flavor of your wine. Nor is it a factor in sweetness level, alcohol level or viscosity. Pigmentation does not influence aging nor does pigmentation affect[…]

Great wine for $20

2015 Cavallotto Dolcetto d’Alba ‘Vigna Scot” Piedmont, Italy $19.99 Dolcetto is the middle child of Piedmont; the grapes is neither has simple as Barbera nor as regal as Nebbiolo. And there’s the problem of its name, which translates as ‘little sweet one’. The grape is indeed the sweet one, at least when compared to nebbiolo[…]

Tasting Notes; Winter Wines, Jan. 19, 2019

2017 Bruno Lorenzon ‘Clos Alfred’, Bourgogne Blanc Mercurey, France Regular Price $34.99 Sale price $27.99 The Cote Chalonnaise has a history as long as the more renowned Cote de Beaune, but has only in the last few generations has it garnered a similar level of respect. Bruno Lorenzon makes beautiful wines from his small holdings[…]