Great wine for $20

2015 Cavallotto Dolcetto d’Alba ‘Vigna Scot”

Piedmont, Italy


Dolcetto is the middle child of Piedmont; the grapes is neither has simple as Barbera nor as regal as Nebbiolo. And there’s the problem of its name, which translates as ‘little sweet one’. The grape is indeed the sweet one, at least when compared to nebbiolo and barbera, but the resulting wine is as dry as its brothers.

It’s a robust wine but not over-the-top. Bold dark fruits with muted baking spices leap from the glass, yet the mid-palate is soft and open. The wine finishes with silky tannins and refreshing acidity, propelling you towards another sip. A great wine for salume and prosciutto, firm cheese and grilled meats, its equally up for the challenge of pizzas and pastas.

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