Tasting notes; Tequila, Sept. 8, 2018

Tequila Gran Agave Blanco Regular price: $20.99 Sale Price: $18.99 Everyday tequila priced, with better-than-everyday tequila flavors. Hints of cinnamon and wildflower honey. Great in a cocktail, easy to sip Tapatio Blanco Tequila Regular Price $44.99 Sale price $39.99 A distinct step up, smooth and clean with dill and citrus and no burn. A great[…]

Food & Wine! Or wine & food?

Food and Wine! Or wine & food? Some people insist on making drinking wine complicated. A case in point is the never ending debate about pairing wines with food. Should you? Of course. Must you? Of course not. And precisely, what pairs well with what? Well, precisely, no one really knows. That’s because the same[…]