My Favorite wine…this week anyway; Sept. 7, 2018

2015 Meyer-Fonne


Alsace, FR

Regular Price $17.99

Sale Price $13.99

Many people are scared of the tall, skinny, Alsatian (and Germanic) wine bottle because they (wrongly) believe that the shape of the bottle indicates whether the wine is sweet or not. Where do people come up with these silly notions?

But have no fear…although this wine is from Alsace, it’s neither in a tall skinny bottle, nor is it sweet. In fact, its in a liter bottle, which is 33% larger than a typical 750 ml bottle, which makes this wine even more of a bargain.

Just to be clear, Edelzwicker is not a grape. It literally translates as ‘noble blend’ and has had a legal definition since 1644. Grapes of ‘lesser reputation’ were allowed to be blended to make a wine that was better than the sum of its parts. The tradition continues, but since there is no definitive definition (which is very un-French-like) no two Edelzwicker need be (or really are) the same. This one is a blend of Pinot Blanc, Muscat, Chasselas, and Riesling and the resulting wine is highly aromatic, rich and fruity and finishes with crisp and persistent acidity. Great for sipping and/or with almost any food, this is one of those wonderfully delicious wines that most wine shops never carry and are, therefore nearly impossible to find. I mean, other than here.