Tasting notes. Dec. 8, 2018 BIG Wines

2017 Redhawk Pinot Gris

Eola-Amity Hills, OR

Regular Price $18.99

Sale price $14.99

Oregon Pinot Gris doesn’t (and shouldn’t) taste like Alsatian Pinot Gris or Dolomiti Pinot Grigio. Not as lush as the former and more aromatic than the latter, its its own wine, with pear and citrus. This one also has some grip, due to long skin contact, which is laos apparent in the hue.

2015 Feudi di San Gregorio Greco di Tufo

Irpinia, IT

Regular Price $22.99

Sale price $19.99

This grape likely came to southern Italy from Greece…a very long time ago. No one really knows when (or if) it arrived. No matter…this is a wine of grip and length and persistence. Bold and stout ,bone-dry and crisp, its nutty rather than fruity and holds up to most foods better than the sloppy and sweet reds that the bros adore.

2017 Domaine Lafond Lirac Blanc

Rhone Valley, FR

Regular Price $22.99

Sale price $17.99

This blend of Grenache blanc, Roussanne & Viognier is rich and full and lush but possessing of balancing acidity rendering the wine fresh and delicious. Southern Rhone whites make up only about 3% of the total wine production of the Valley, but they, like this one, punch above their weight.

2016 Dept. 66 Fragile Rosé, VdP Cotes de Catalanes

Maury FR

Regular Price $22.99

Sale price $17.99

Dave Phinney has made a zillion dollars or so creating and then selling wine brands. He’s also developed a signature style…ripe, rich, & robust. This rosé is signature Phinney, so if you like that style, you’ll love this wine.

2014 Château de Haut-Serre

Cahors, FR

Regular Price $24.99

Sale price $19.99

Malbec has been in Argentina for 100+ years. Pretty impressive, huh? Malbec has been in France for 1000 years. It’s not really the same grape (or wine)…from Argentina it’s fruit driven and soft, from France, structured and bold. Also, earthy and herbal

2016 Tensley ‘Colson Canyon’ Syrah

Santa Barbara, CA

Regular Price $46.99

Sale price $36.99

Big, dense, bold, fruity, high in alcohol, oaky, and bold. If any combination of these words has appeal, you’ll really like this wine.