Try Something Different Tonight, 8/17/2018

2016 Lionel Faury

Saint-Joseph Blanc

Northern Rhone, FR

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I have to confess that I love Roussanne and Marsanne, the dominant white grapes of the Northern Rhone, both individually and blended together. They produce complex white wines of richness and power, that age interestingly and well. They are precisely the type of wines that unlearned wine writers and critics believe don’t exist. They really should get out more.

Philippe Faury has been at the helm of his family’s estate for nearly 40 years, and in 2006, handed the reins to son, Lionel. There has been no slippage of quality nor departure of style; the wines are still honest and generous, not the least bit manipulated or blousy.

Their is no use of new oak in this wine, so the purity of the grapes shows through. Almond, peach and pear dance with the herbal and mineral qualities. The wine is big but not heavy, rich yet not overwhelming. Don’t over chill it, which will mask the flavors, rather allow the complexity of the wine to play with whatever it is that you’re serving.