My Favorite Wine: 8/22/18

2017 Maison Philippe Viallet

Savoie Rosé

Vin de Savoie, FR

Regular Price $16.99

Sale Price $12.99


Good wine, at the very least, should be refreshing. By that I mean the wine should finish with enough acidity to clean one’s palate, refreshing it for the next sip or bite. Wines that do not refresh are abject failures.

This wine, this lovely and bright Rosé from the foothills of the Alps, is all about bright, tart berry flavors and crisp, enlivening refreshment. It pairs beautifully with grilled chicken and fish and vegetables and will brighten any number of goat and double or triple creme cheeses.

You see, wines that are made from grapes that are excessively ripe, wines that are weighed down by jammy fruit flavors, wines that are thickly sweet and alcoholic, are not really very interesting and are certainly not very refreshing. Sure, that first sip of a viscous, syrupy,  fruit and wood forward wine is impressive, but the subsequent sips are redundant and frequently tiresome.

Drinking expensive, thick, sweet red wines doesn’t exhibit a ‘superior palate’, but rather a severe lack of imagination.