Tasting notes, wines of Piemonte: August 11, 2018

De Forville Chardonnay 2016 Regular price: $19.99 Sale Price: $15.99 Light, fresh and crisp, this is a delightfully unoaked Chardonnay that’s guaranteed to invigorate your tired palate and allow you to wonder anew about the beauty and versatility of Chardonnay.   Brovia Roero Arneis 2017 Regular Price $32.99 Sale price $25.99 Arneis was all but[…]

You Don’t Know Me

There are, quite literally, hundreds of thousands of wines produced across the planet every year. Some small, really insignificant number of those are submitted to a panel of judges or a wine critic, who then offer opinions as to the quality of the wine, generally, as compared to other wines. There is no laboratory involved,[…]

Mirror, Mirror

Mirror, mirror Great wine is about nuance, surprise, subtlety, expression, qualities that keep you coming back for another taste.  Rejecting a wine a wine because it is not big enough is like rejecting a book because it is not long enough, or a piece of music because it is not loud enough. – Kermit Lynch,[…]

My Favorite Wine: August 8, 2018

2015 Stephane Aviron Chenas Vieille Vignes Beaujolais, FR Regular Price $23.99 Sale Price $18.99 Beaujolais gets a bad rap, man. It’s not enough that many assume that all wines from Beaujolais drink like Nouveau Beaujolais, the tutti-fruity, banana and berry scented wines released every November, but additionally, the assumption is that the wines are simple[…]

Tasting notes: August 4, 2018

Domaine Servin Chablis Butteaux 1er Cru 2016 Regular price: $37.99 Sale Price: $29.99 This a classic example from one of the finest Premier Cru sites in Chablis. All stainless steel fermentation and aging of the fruit of 35 year old uncloned Chardonnay vines yields a rich and expressive wine that will likely age remarkably well.[…]

Self Taught?

I read an opinion piece this morning that was defending wine critics and writers by claiming that wine is too ‘mystical’ and ‘complex’ to be properly understood except by those that study and truly venerate wine. I couldn’t disagree with that contention more. Yes, wine is complicated, and the more one learns about wine, the[…]