What if the ‘right’ wine is beer?

Sometimes, people hunting for the exact, precise, without-a-doubt right wine to pair with a dish are really annoying. Because sometimes the ‘right’ wine is a beer. Regardless of what the ‘experts’ might think. (One thing to always remember about experts…they are usually not. Expert, that is.) The absolutely correct wine to serve with steamed Maryland[…]

Rainy Day Wines

It’s supposed to be spring, but it won’t stop raining. Depressing, I know. These wines will help… Mont Marcal Cava Rosado Brut, NV…$17.99 It’s spring in a glass…bright, fresh, berry scented, and exuberant. 2016 Domaine A Deux Sauvignon, Touraine…$14.99 Fresh citrus (lime & orange) flavors, crisp and dry, it’s refreshing and lip-smacking 2016 Terenzi Morellino[…]