Rainy Day Wines

It’s supposed to be spring, but it won’t stop raining. Depressing, I know.

These wines will help…

Mont Marcal Cava Rosado Brut, NV…$17.99

It’s spring in a glass…bright, fresh, berry scented, and exuberant.

2016 Domaine A Deux Sauvignon, Touraine…$14.99

Fresh citrus (lime & orange) flavors, crisp and dry, it’s refreshing and lip-smacking

2016 Terenzi Morellino di Scansano…$18.99

Bright, tart cherry and herb flavors, enlivening acidity, this wine works best with food…but it pairs well with everything

2016 Chermette ‘Poncie’ Fleurie…$23.99

Gamay is the grape that no one likes..until they taste it. This is a rich and luscious wine, unmarred by oak, with fresh berry flavors and a taut tannic grip on the finish.

2017 Azienda 499 Moscato d’Asti…$15.99

People diss sweet wines because their friends don’t approve (unless its sweet Napa Cab!). This fresh and beautiful wine is absolutely delicious, with orange blossom notes and a crisp finish.

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