What if the ‘right’ wine is beer?

Sometimes, people hunting for the exact, precise, without-a-doubt right wine to pair with a dish are really annoying.

Because sometimes the ‘right’ wine is a beer. Regardless of what the ‘experts’ might think. (One thing to always remember about experts…they are usually not. Expert, that is.)

The absolutely correct wine to serve with steamed Maryland Blue crab is a crisp lager. Especially if you like Old Bay. Hands down. Sure, drink whatever you like, but, still, the right call is beer.

Having grilled or barbecue shrimp? Have a Belgian style saison. The salinity of the beer will bring out the natural sweetness of the shrimp and clean your palate. Same with a grilled tuna steak, although an American Amber would work great.

Smoked St. Louis pork ribs? Big, hoppy, full rich Imperial IPA. The intensity of the pork fat stands up to the strong beer characteristics.

How about cheese, that (alleged) natural partner of wine? Well, most beers generally pair better with most cheese, especially if you prefer red wines. Most red wines are not natural cheese partners. Why not? Too much fat in the cheese. Drink hoppy beers with hard cheeses, fruity beers with creme or goat, malty dark beers with bleu.

The real rule of thumb is, if you’re really agonizing about the absolutely correct wine pairing, its likely because it’s not wine at all. So relax. Have a brewski.

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