Tasting notes; Wines of Beaujolais, June 22, 2019

2017 Coquard Beaujolais Blanc

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Beaujolais Blanc is Chardonnay, but very much a unique expression of the grape. In the case of this wine, from the Pierres Dorées (Golden Stones) in the south of Beaujolais, you find a rich and round expression of fruit, no oak aging and gentle, yet persistent finishing acidity. Its fresh and full yet balanced and elegant.

2018 Chermette Les Griottes Rosé

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Pierre-Marie Chermette began producing this rosé in 1985, largely because he thought that the fruit from one particular site would lend itself to a light, bright, crisp and fruity wine. This wine is precisely that and therein lies its charm. Anticipating the rosé by nearly 30 years, Chermette also created the standard for Beaujolais rosé.

2016 Robert Perroud Brouilly ‘L’Enfers des Balloquets’

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Bright and juicy, this is a delicious summer red that would welcome chilling before service. Easy and fresh, it’s also supple and vivacious. Low in alcohol, it’s a delightful picnic wine which will pair well with light summer fare.

2016 Coquard Morgon ‘Les Charmes’

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Well known among the Crus of Beaujolais, wines of Morgon are generally prized due to their richness and longevity (perhaps only rivaled by those from Moulin-a-vent). This example illustrates the more graceful side of Morgon, as its name (Les Charmes) suggests. Gentle, elegant and seamless, the wine is beautiful rather than powerful. Berry fruit dances with herbal spice and the long, smooth finish lures you towards another sip.

2017 Dutraive Saint-Amour ‘Clos du Chapitre’

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This is one of those ‘natural’ wines that are all the rage amongst those that value wine trends more than wine itself. ‘Natural’ wines, of course, follow no precise rule book nor are they particularly new or uncommon. Basically, they refer, generically, to wines that are made with no additives and utilizing indigenous yeasts, which is quite typical in many wine regions (although quite rare in the US). These wines are not necessarily better or fresher or healthier. Jean-Louis Dutraive makes wines with minimal intervention using carbonic maceration because he wants his wines to be energetic, brightly fruity and representative of the terrior.

2015 Pascal Granger Julienas ‘Cuvee Speciale’

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This is an ‘old vine’ cuvee, which means, in this case, vines of over 70 years old. The yields of older vines are much smaller and the grapes are likewise smaller and more concentrated. The resulting wine is richer, fuller and more structured. Dark, yet fresh fruit dominates but the wine is not lacking in nuance, as notable floral and herbal aromas abound.