Tasting notes, 6/29/19; Aperitifs

Manuel Acha Vino Vermouth Blanco

Alava, Spain

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 Acha’s Vino Vermouth Blanco is made in accordance with an old recipe passed down through the Acha family. It is made from a blend of a neutral wine and alcohol macerated with a selection of traditional botanicals including wormwood, gentian and bitter orange.

Manuel Acha Vino Vermouth Tinto

Alava, Spain

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Founded in 1831, Destillerias Atxa has been at the forefront of distillation in the Basque Country for years. The distillery is located in Amurrio, 50 km from the Cantabrian Sea. The Vermouth Tinto shows a lot of licorice and wild herbs with wild berry fruit and bitter components, very reminiscent of Patxaran. Ends with a blast of citrus flavor

Antica Torino Vermouth di Torino

Piedmont, Italy

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The ingredients include home-grown herbs such as absinthe, rhubarb and gentian, grapefruit peel, vanilla pods, rosemary and red thyme, which country-dwellers have always used to aromatize their wines. Thirteen botanicals in all, entirely natural (with no ready-made dyes), processed individually and on a cottage-industry basis, whose complete list remains a secret according to the best Piedmontese tradition: each vermouth, in fact, has its own formula, jealously guarded within the family.

Argala Herbal Bitter

Piedmont, Italy

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Featuring 35 herbs and spices macerated and partially distilled, Argalà is an authentic pastis that offers you that familiar taste of Mediterranean spices with the added punch of local alpine herbs. Refreshing and aromatic, Orleans Herbal has delicate apple flavor and white floral, honey, and anise notes

Eden Cider ‘Orleans’ Herbal Cider

West Charleston, Vermont

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Aperitif-style cider made with traditional and heirloom varieties of apples, infused with whole fresh herbs. 

Distillerie Alpe Genepy Herbetet Originale

Valle d’Aoste, Italy

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Alpe’s Genepy “Herbetet” is named after Herbetet Peak of the mountain Grand Paradiso, located in the Graian Alps between the Aosta Valley and Piedmont. At these high elevations, the famous/infamous/fantastical/questionably hallucinogenic herb, Genepy (aka Génépi, aka Artemisia, aka wormwood), grows in abundance, providing Alpe’s herbal liqueur with its categorical name, classic flavor and color.

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