Tasting Notes; Thanksgiving wines, November 23, 2019

2018 Donnhoff Estate Riesling

Nahe, DE

Regular Price $28.99

Sale price $22.99

How do I begin? Donnhoff is one of the finest producers of wine on the planet. Period. This is their ‘everyday’ Riesling, so its ok to have high expectations, which this wine meets easily. Bright, fresh, aromatic, fruity, lush, crisp and NOT SWEET, this is a wine that will satisfy all takers except for those that think all Riesling must be sweet (not so) and red wines are more complex than whites (also not true.)

2018 Domaine Filliatreau ‘Château Fouquet’ Saumur

Loire Valley, FR

Regular Price $26.99

Sale price $20.99

Bright, light, fresh, clean and crisp, this is Chenin Blanc on training wheels, in that its unchallenging, yet undeniably  delicious. It’s all about fresh pear and white flower aromas with just a touch of the characteristic Chenin Blanc honeysuckle and lots of cleansing acidity. It you don’t know Chenin Blanc, you’ll like this. If you like Chenin Blanc, you’ll like this.

2018 Domaine Collotte Marsannay Rosé

Burgundy, FR

Regular Price $22.99 

Sale price $17.99

Made of 100% Pinot Noir, this rosé is crisp, luscious, not sweet, delicious, food friendly and not sweet. Did I already say that?  It’s a wine for all seasons, but especially Thanksgiving, as it has the depth and versatility to stand up to everything on the table. It looks beautiful in the glass as well.  It will make a lovely addition to your holiday table and make the wine bigots collective heads explode..

2017 G.D. Vajra Nebbiolo

Langhe, IT

Regular Price $26.99 

Sale price $20.99

Nebbiolo is in all likelihood the perfect red wine for Thanksgiving. It’s not overtly fruity, with notes of roses and leather, textural grip and enlivening acidity, it balances perfectly with the array of flavors on the table. This wine is all of that, coupled with a fresh tartness that leads to another sip. And another. Better take two.

2017 Raul Perez/Antoine Graillot Encinas

Bierzo, Sp

Regular Price $39.99 

Sale price $31.99

The perfect wine to baffle the wine snobs at the table. It’s also wonderfully well made and delicious. Made mostly of Mencia, it’s made by the superstars Raul Perez (from Bierzo) and Antoine Graillot (from the northern Rhone) and it shows weight and fruit and depth and balance. It’s not fruit forward or over-the-top, merely complex and interesting and delicious.

2017 Coudoulet de Beaucastel Cotes du Rhone

Rhone Valley, FR

Regular Price $32.99 

Sale price $25.99

While there are many wines from the southern Rhone in the $12-15 range that are really quite good, the 2017 Coudoulet de Beaucastel Cotes du Rhone, while nearly twice as expensive. is in another league altogether. Generous and rich, it has it all; dense and full fruit flavors augmented by savory herbal notes, firm tannins and cleansing acidity. Its fresh, full and delightful; balanced and food friendly, but accessible enough to enjoy without.

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