Tasting notes, Nov. 30, 2019; wines for leftovers

2018 Domaine Reverdy-Ducroux ‘Les Vignes’ Sancerre

Loire Valley, FR

Regular Price $27.99

Sale price $21.99

The 14th generation of this 500 year old estate continues to grow grapes and make wines much as their ancestors did; using only estate grown grapes, indiginous yeasts and a rigorous focus on quality. Bright and citrus laden with notable minerality and freshness, this wine will perk up your taste buds and make Thursday’s turkey taste even better on Saturday.

2016 Francois Carillon Bourgogne Aligoté

Puligny-Montrachet, FR

Regular Price $24.99

Sale price $19.99

Aligote is the ‘other’ white grape from Burgundy, and a barely admired one as well. Blessed with bountiful acidity, and in the hands of Jacques Carillon, impressive richness, however, the grape can make interesting and complex wines that will likely surprise the naysayers

2018 Domaine Albert Mann Pinot Blanc

Alsace, FR

Regular Price $22.99 

Sale price $17.99

This blend of Auxerrois and Pinot Blanc is seductive without being flashy, offering  ripe peach and pear flavors coupled with floral aromas and a gingery finish. Just delightful, with impeccable balance and invigorating freshness.

2019 Pierre-Marie Chermette ‘Origine’ VV Beaujolais

St-Verand, FR

Regular Price $18.99

Sale price $14.99

From 40-100 year-old vines, this has much more structure than your typical Nouveau, while still retaining the easy-drinking quality of the classic. Red berry flavors dominate the nose, but there’s a deeper and richer mid-palate and a longer finish.

2015 Domaine des Roches Neuves ‘Franc de Pied’

Saumur-Champigny, FR

Regular Price $59.99 

Sale price $34.99

Thierry Germain is one of the undisputed masters of Loire Valley winemaking, and this Cabernet Franc from younger, ungrafted wines is an excellent example of his acre and skill. Fresh and bright with both generous fruit and inviting savoy notes, the balance of this wine is remarkable. The only downside is  that the wine might outclass your leftovers.

2014 Chateau Mazeris Canon-Fronsac

Bordeaux, FR

Regular Price $19.99 

Sale price $15.99

There are over 8,000 wine producers in Bordeaux and most of them make pretty good wine. But, the point is, there is an ocean of wine coming from Bordeaux every year and people that think good Bordeaux is rare and expensive just don’t get out much. This Merlot and Cabernet franc blend from the 350 year house of Mazeris illustrates the point deliciously. It’s ridiculously easy to like, eminently affordable and even capable of some improvement over the next few years. Need I say more?

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