Tasting notes; Oktoberfest!, October 12, 2019

2017 Von Winning Estate Riesling ‘Winnings’

Pfalz, Germany

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Weingut Von Winning in Deidesheim, Germany has established itself as one of the regions stars, pushing the quality envelope with their single vineyard offerings and dry “Grosses Gewachs” expressions of Riesling. As they wanted more folks to be able to enjoy their work, they created a new entry level wine and used a little word play to call it “Winnings”. This beautifully balanced, fruit forward (but not sweet) Riesling really delivers the Von Winning signature

2018 Albert Mann Pinot Blanc

Alsace, FR

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Domaine Albert Mann dates inself from the early 17th century, which isn’t typically rare in Alsace. The estate has been farmed organically and biodynamically since 2000 and strives for balance in their wines. This wine exemplifies that approach as its lush peach, pear and floral aromas unfold into a gorgeous fruity and full mouthfeel finished by crisp and persistent acidity. 

2017 Hillinger Grauburgunder (Pinot Gris)

Burgenland, AT

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Although he can no longer be described as a wunderkind, Leo Hillinger continues to impress. With just a hint of pink, the wine shows some skin contact, which just adds to its allure. Rich and full of tropical fruit flavors, the wine finishes with some grip and a touch of nutty bitterness along with bright and refreshing acidity. 

2017 Schlossgut Diel Rosé de Diel

Nahe, DE

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Caroline Diel makes the wines at her family’s 200 hundred year old winery, and still prefers to crush her Pinot Noir by foot. That may or may not add to the overall quality of her wines, but it surely says something about her attention to detail. And that shows up in the wines. This is a rosé to drink now or later; bright and fresh while simultaneously deep and structured, concentrated and spicy. And count this of one of the many rosés that benefit from some time in bottle. #notasummerwine

2018 Abbazia di Novacella Lagrein

Sudtirol-Alto Adige, IT

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Abbazia was founded in 1142 by the Augustinian Order of Canons Regular. The Augustians are monks: they have taken vows of poverty, chastity and obedience to their superiors; but they also work to support themselves as a part of their community. To that end, the Abbey not only grows grapes but also farms apples and vegetables.  And though it is one of the oldest continuingly wineries in the world with over 850 years of winemaking experience, the cellar is entirely modern. Lagrein is an ancient varietal, that flourishes on the high elevation, sunny washed vineyards of northeast Italy. Chewy, full and aromatic, the wine shows significant grip and length but also refreshing acidity. 

2017 Pra ‘Morandina’ Valpolicella Ripasso Superiore

Verona, IT

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Made by “re-passing”  Valpolicella over the dried grapes used to make  Amarone, Ripasso provides some of the weight and intensity of Amarone without the cost and time (Amartone often benefits from some time in bottle). This example is far more seductive and restrained than most, but not lacking in the slightest. Herbal, floral, and fruity, it has a weight and density nearer to Valpolicella than Amarone, but is incredibly balanced and polished. ‘Criticizing a wine because its light is like criticizing a book because its short.” – Kermit Lynch