My Favorite Wine, Feb. 13, 2019

2014 Varvaglione ‘Papale’

Primitivo di Manduria

Puglia, IT

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This year, the perfect wine for St. Valentine’s day is a lush, full, ripe and alcoholic Zinfandel from Southern Italy. No..wait…that’s not the wine for Valentine’s Day, that’s the wine for a cold night in front of the fireplace. What? How about if its cold on St. Valentine’s day?

Okay, so then I guess this is the perfect wine.

But, really, here’s the thing…since there is not a single, universally agreed upon St. Valentine’s experience, then there is (likewise) not a single, universally agreed upon St. Valentine’s Day wine. So drink (or don’t drink) whatever you like, regardless of anyone’s advice (including mine).

Now, having said that, this wine, made of Zinfandel, which is called Primitivo in Italy is really very good. (For the record, Zinfandel came from Croatia, and is not indigenous to Southern Italy, despite what waiters at some Italian restaurants might tell you). It’s intense and full of dark berry fruits, but is not overly jammy nor painfully alcoholic (like way to many California Zins are). There is abundant spice yet finishes softly and smoothly. And for whatever it’s worth, its name (Papale) pays homage to Pope Benedict XIII, who owned (or at least farmed) these same vineyards where these grapes were grown.

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