Great wine for a 20…

2017 Istine Rosato

Tuscany, IT

Regular price: $15.99

It’s February, so drink rosé! Or in this case, rosato!

Actually, many of the wine ‘rules’ will demand that you do not, under any circumstances drink this wine. And if you do, if you happen to find yourself in a venue where this is the only wine, make a point of rolling your eyes and letting everyone know that drinking an Italian rosé in February is absolutely the wine equivalent of gauche.

I mean really, now. The rules are plan: if it’s pink, it must be from Provence and may only be consumed between Memorial Day and Labor Day, it must be served icy cold, and it must be consumed only during the calendar year immediately following the vintage year. Because, you know, pink wine doesn’t age.

So, basically, you should throw this wine in the trash. Or risk your reputation. The wine bros will never invite you to another swanky steak dinner at Ruth’s Chris if they find out that you drink pink in winter.

Or, you can ignore the wine bros and drink this wine because its fresh and delicious and boasts enough acidity and weight to hold its own regardless of what’s on the table.

This wine is of Sangiovese, the backbone of great Tuscany wines. From Sangiovese you get bright cherry shaded with some dusty, earthy notes and electrifying acidity which makes it a great food wine. (BTW, I’ve just described this wine).Unoaked, the wine all but jumps from the glass.  But, since this is a rosato, you might be tempted to chill the living shit out of it. Please don’t. The wine will be beautiful when slightly chilled and pretty uninteresting at 40°.

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