Andrea Cortonesi, owner of Uccelliera, is the only son of a farming family; he has worked in the fields since he was a teenager. Possessing a healthy respect for the past, he maintained the original name of the estate “Uccelliera” (bird house), after his purchase in 1986.

“l look at my farm, and think of what it has witnessed over the centuries…at least seven are documented…then I arrive and how can I believe that everything begins today just because I produce Brunello? Thus it is right that the original name becomes the name of today’s wine estate, that I preserve the original architecture, which will soon be that of the new administration buildings. And next to the residence I have left a half-hectare olive grove, which might seem odd, seeing that the plot would be more valuable in grapes. But the land has its way of reminding one that to ask too much of it is to somehow lower the quality of one’s life. Just being able to dine outdoors of an evening, by this olive grove, gazing out over the vines, without necessarily thinking of the needs of the vineyard, is a precious thing.”

Uccelleria’s Rosso di Montalcino is a great early drinking red picked from the youngest Brunello vineyards–perfect for those who love Brunello but don’t want to wait for it to mature. Velvety, fruity and balanced, it is a great companion to tomato-sauced pastas and prosciutto-focused hors d’oeuvres.


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