Tasting Notes; Wines from Northern Italy, Aug. 17, 2019

2016 Villa Dugo Malvasia

Friuli Isonzo

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The Friuli Isonzo DOC is located in the far southeastern part of Friuli-Venezia Giulia bordering Slovenia and has been producing wines for far longer than it has been part of Italy. The wine is fresh and aromatic with floral and pears wafting from the glass. Unoaked, yet nicely weighted, the wine finishes crisply and sharply.

2018 Brovia Arneis


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Arneis was nearly extinct in Roero in the 70s but has made a roaring comeback. Now, nearly every Piedmont producer makes one yet few as delicious as this one. Peaches and almonds abound in this lush, rich yet balanced and crisp wine. No oak, while still full and textured, this is, once again, a white wine that red wine drinkers would love, if they were actually interested in good wine. 

2017 Corte Majoli Valpolicella


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Cherries and violets abound in this light and fresh wine of 60% Corvina, 20% Rondinella,  and 10% Corvinone from north central Italy. Bright and fruity with invigorating acidity, put a slight chill on it and enjoy it throughout the rest of the summer and early fall. 

2017 G.D. Vajra Dolcetto D’Alba


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Dolcetto translates as ‘little sweet one’ but that is merely in contrast to its more bitter vineyard neighbor, Nebbiolo. This is not a sweet wine, but rather has fresh and juicy dark cherry flavors backed by balancing tannic grip. Extraordinarily friendly, it’s a delight with all summer weight foods.

2017 Produttori del Barbaresco Nebbiolo


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The most famous grape in Piedmont produced by the most famous co-op in the world, this young and unadorned Nebbiolo is full of tart cherry, spice and earthy flavors and aromas. It packs a tannin punch that is offset by the bright fruit and will complement any food from the grill

2015 Fonterenza ‘Alberello’ Rosso di Montalcino


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Sale price $49.99This is the first ever vintage of this single vineyard rosso from the Padovani sisters, who personally hand craft these wines. Alberello refers to the ancient pruning style of the vines, which requires manual care for every plant. The continuous and meticulous pruning, combined with optimum aeration and maximum light, ensures grapes of the highest quality, while the close proximity of terrain allows an exchange of heat, ideal for the ripening of the fruit. The end result is a ripe, rich, full bodied wine that is nonetheless supple and approachable.