Tasting notes; Whiskeys, Aug 31, 2019

Green Spot Single Pot Still Irish, 80 proof

County Cork, Ireland

Regular Price $63.99

‘Green Spot is a fabulous single pot still whiskey and much loved by the critics. This Irish whiskey has come far from the days when it was only sold in Mitchell’s grocer shop in the heart of Dublin, though its flavour profile is still just as robust. The whiskey has matured in a combination of first and second fill bourbon casks as well as sherry casks’ – Master of Malt

Glengoyne Single Malt Scotch, 12 yr old, 86 proof

Dumgoyne, Scotland

Regular Price $62.99

‘A 12yo Highlander from Glengoyne, famed for their unpeated single malt. Glengoyne is always very pure in style, allowing their high-quality, easy-drinking whisky to shine in its natural state.’ – The Whiskey Exchange

High West Double Rye, 92 proof

Park City, Utah

Regular Price $33.99 

‘The nose speaks truth as the smell becomes a reality on the palate. Botanicals, anise, and something almost gin-like emerge making this one of the most unique tasting ryes I’ve ever had. It’s definitely got the spice of a rye, but there’s little burn. This is one of the most important elements because it lets the true flavors come forward without that layer of alcohol hiding anything. Spice without burn: amazing.’ – Breaking Bourbon

Wilderness Trail ‘Settlers Select’ Straight Rye, 113 proof 

Danville, Kentucky

Regular Price $62.99

‘This is one of the sweetest ryes I have ever tasted, as the low barrel entry proof reflects this.  Sometimes ryes can have too much spice and this one does an amazing job of counteracting sweetness with spice.  Whiskey is a balancing act and this one hits all points of my pallet. My sweet spot was tickled, the spicy side was poked, and the savory side was wooed.  Seriously, this rye is like whitewater rafting. You have your smooth water, your exhilarating rapids, and then the excitement of the finish. I was on a ride I wish wouldn’t end.  Did this rye whiskey turn this bourbon drinker into a rye drinker? Well maybe not, but I will definitely add this to my bourbon collection.’ -ABV Network

Old Forester ‘Statesman’ Straight Bourbon, 95 proof

Louisville, Kentucky

Regular Price $59.99

‘Notes of peanut brittle, maple syrup, and leather greet you on the nose with a healthy dose of char smoke. The bourbon is sweet with vanilla maple cream flavors. The bourbon finishes on the spicy side and is a touch hot. Serve with a large ice cube.’ – Distiller.com

Knob Creek ‘Single Barrel Reserve’ Straight Bourbon, 120 proof

Clermont, Kentucky

Regular Price $49.99

‘This one is really easy to love. If you’re having a tasting and you’re not sure which bourbon to buy, this is a pretty safe bet. It might be a high proof for many people, but the flavor is hard to dislike. Even throwing a cube in it doesn’t dilute the flavor very much.  I have yet to have this with someone who disliked it. That in itself makes it pretty unique. On paper, this is simply a single barrel, higher proof version of the normal Knob Creek, yet it’s far superior to it in every way. The higher proof allows the rich Knob Creek flavors to really shine.’ – Breaking Bourbon

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