Tasting Notes; Pinot Noir, Feb. 23, 2019

2017 Schneider Spatburgunder Feinherb Rosé

Hahe, GR

Regular Price $27.99

Sale price $21.99

This is a bright and fresh rosé from 100% Pinot Noir from Nahe, which is among the smallest growing areas in Germany. The estate has been in existence since the 16th century and is well recognized for their high quality wines. The wine is labeled as ‘feinherb’ which basically means ‘off-dry’, but has enough balancing acidity to make the sweetness level irrelevant.

2016 Domaine de l’Evêché Bourgogne Rouge

Côte Chalonnaise, FR

Regular Price $23.99

Sale price $18.99

This wine is like the missing link between New World and Old World pinot noir…it shows enough bright fresh fruit to appeal to the New World drinker, yet enough earthiness to cement its providence as a Burgundy. On the other hand, people that think Pinot Noir should taste like Cabernet Sauvignon won’t like this wine at all. Well, they are wrong

2015 Henry Natter Sancerre Rouge

Loire Valley, FR

Regular Price $29.99

Sale price $23.99

For the record, Sancerre Rouge is not an anomaly; Sancerre was the westernmost boundary of the duchy of Burgundy, throughout much of its history. Pinot Noir might be a distant second to Sauvignon Blanc in terms of acreage planted, however it is the only red varietal allowed. This example is earthy and linear rather than voluptuous, which is not a criticism. Rather, this wine is complicated yet unpretentious. One can taste the berry fruit and the minerality and herbal notes of the soil along with persistent acidity and freshness.

2006 Albert Boillot ‘Les Poissots’ Volnay

Cotes de Beaune, FR

Regular Price $54.99

Sale price $43.99

This is a single vineyard wine from the well thought of region of Volnay, made by Raymond Boillot, nephew of the esteemed Henri Boillot; that’s all kinda of inside baseball, which allows us wine geeks to gush. The best thing about this wine (among many good things) is that it has over a decade of bottle age, which will allow you to taste just what us wine geeks are talking about when we gush about aging Burgundy.

2014 Angela Estate Pinot Noir Yamhill-Carlton District

Willamette Valley, OR

Regular Price $44.99

Sale price $29.99

A fine example of classic Willamette Pinot Noir; bright cheery and cranberry flavors with hints of cedar and spruce and cinnamon. It has a few years under its belt, which is not a bad thing, the wine is developing nicely, becoming smoother and more polished, less exuberant perhaps but more thoroughly satisfying.

2017 Belle Glos “Dairyman’ Pinot Noir

Russian River Valley, CA

Regular Price $54.99

Sale price $43.99

This is the classic Sonoma Pinot Noir; big, juicy, fruity, oaky, easy to like but not at all complex. That’s not a bad thing necessarily; not all wines need to be complex and serious, just like not all music needs to be symphonic. It’s  fun, rolicking and enjoyable, it’s rock and roll.

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