Tasting notes; Mostly Loire, Sept. 29, 2018

Maison Roche de Bellene ‘Bellenos’ Rosé of Gamay

Coteaux Bourguignons 2017

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So, to be honest, this is not from Loire. But it is from Gamay, and, well, rosés of Gamay from Loire exists, as does this one from Burgundy, so here you are then. For the record, it actually shows more Loire-like than Burgundian…more peach than berry, but still with bright and persistent acidity.


Le Rocher des Violettes ‘Touche-Mitaine’ Montlouis-sur-Loire 2015

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Once again, allow me to announce my bias…I love Chenin Blanc. It’s my ‘desert’ island wine. It’s absolutely stunning in its versatility. This wine is rich and round yet still has that trademark Chenin acidity (that allows it to age so well.) This also has some bottle age, which disproves those the claim that whites don’t age, and makes the wine even more interesting as well as delicious.


Claude Branger ‘Monnieres-Saint Fiacre’ Muscadet Sevre et Maine 2014

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This wine is crazy good. Its 100% Melon de Bourgogne from sandy, rocky soils that are then aged for 33 months on lees. No oak. Lots of texture, depth, acidity and flavor. This is a wine to make all those red wine snobs take notice, although, since it has no sugar, they won’t like it.


FX Barc ‘Les Collines Rouges’ PInot Noir Vin de France 2017

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Ok, it’s not new world Pinot Noir, nor is it Burgundy Pinot, it doesn’t even much resemble Loire Valley Pinot Noir. The knock on this wine is its lack of complexity, one needn’t ponder it to enjoy it. So, I guess it’s kinda like a new world Pinot Noir, without the oak or the price tag.


Jean-Maurice Raffault ‘Les Galaches’ Chinon 2017

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The name refers to the ‘gravely’ composition of the ancient river bed that the vineyard now sits upon, and the stressed Cabernet Franc vines offer up concentrated fruit and a wine of bold aromatics and deep flavor. The wine is both floral and vegetal, with the black fruit present but not dominant. Fresh and long, it’s another example of why Cabernet Franc has its devotees.


Le Rocher des Violettes ‘Côt Vieille Vignes’ Touraine 2014

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Côt is malbec in Loire, but not the jammy, simplistic malbec you know from South America. This malbec is cerebral rather than loud with interesting herbal aromas that draw you in before introducing you to the restained savory rather than sweet fruit flavors. Its already 4 years old and will probably get better yet.