Spirit Tasting, March 17, 2022

Gin & Cocktails

March 17, 2022

5 PM – 7 PM

Citadelle Gin de France 88 proof…$26.99

Citadelle Gin is half revival, half new innovation: the revival is based on one the first gin produced in France at the “Citadelle” in Dunkirk. Maison Ferrand Distillery (the producer of Citadella)in the SW corner of France is best known for its Cognac. However, during the offseason when they legally couldn’t distill Cognac, they could distill gin. On the nose, hints of violet, sweet orange, coriander and floral brightness. Leans slightly citrus, but there’s another side here as well, with hints of a spicy/floral deeper notes: nutmeg, cinnamon and cardamom.

The taste begins quietly until the aromatics re-enter the nose. The middle begins with fresh bright juniper, turning more crisp and bold. The finish is what sets Citadelle Gin apart from its peers: really bright, a touch sweet and strongly aromatic: cardamom, angelica, nutmeg, a wide array of baking spices which melds into a more sharp licorice and fennel on the finish. 

Drumshanbo Gunpowder Irish Gin 86 proof…$32.99

Gunpowder Tea is so called because each tea leaf has been rolled into a small ball, reminiscent of gunpowder. It’s usually made with green tea leaves and it’s that special ingredient that gives Drumshanbo Gunpowder Gin its name. The gin features a combination of traditional gin botanicals such as juniper and orris root, oriental botanicals such as Gunpowder Tea from China, and meadowsweet from Ireland. The juniper, roots and seeds are distilled in copper pot stills along with a vapor infusion of the citrus botanicals and Gunpowder Tea. 

Empress 1908 GIn 87 proof…$44.99

The doors of the Fairmont Empress Hotel opened in 1908. It is situated in Victoria, British Columbia Canada and overlooks the city’s renowned harbor. Empress 1908 Gin is named for and inspired by the hotel’s century plus of history. Empress 1908 Gin is more classic in character than the color suggests. Big bold juniper and heady citrus make up the majority of its aroma. Though hints of a plastic medical aroma, a touch of ethanol makes the nose a bit more raw. The palate has a hint of rose early. If you’re looking for an overtly floral gin— this isn’t it. Ripe, boiled grapefruit, resinous juniper cones take hold mid-palate.

Towards the finish, earthy coriander, green tea, and bulky, dry cinnamon (with no red hot character) stew on the edges of the palate. Radiant heat from the base spirit gives these notes some length— but warmth is the primary character that remains after sipping.


Snyder Cocktail:

2 parts Gin

1 part Dry Vermouth

2 dash Orange Curacao

Gin Bittermilk No. 2 Collins:

2 parts Gin

1 part Bittermilk No. 2 Cocktail Mixer

1 part Club Soda