My Favorite wine…this week anyway! Sept. 12, 2018

2016 Alfredo Maestro

‘Vina Almate’

Castilla y Leon, SP

Regular Price $19.99

Sale Price $15.99

This wine is made of tempranillo, the noble grape of Spain. The general knock on tempranillo is that, by itself, it is unassuming. So, historically, Spanish winemakers have allowed the wine to steep in oak for extended periods of time, adding secondary flavors, creating complexity. This has largely been the recipe in Rioja.

But, what if unirrigated old vine tempranillo, from organically farmed vineyards are instead allowed to show freshness and acidity instead of oak drenched flavors?

You’d get this wine.

This is a simple wine. By that, I mean it’s made simply. Only native yeasts. Minimal extraction.. Only 4 months in used oak barrels. No fining or filtering. The wine tastes of the grape and the soil. It’s delicious. The complexity of the wine is not hidden behind over-ripe fruit or oak supplied vanilla and smoke. Rather, the unassuming, yet lovely flavors of the grape dominate; plummy and savory, medium-bodied with assertive grip and lingering and balancing acidity.The only negative comment about this wine is its scarcity.

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