My Favorite Wine, May 8, 2019

La Manarine Cotes du Rhone Rose
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Rosé is so in vogue at the moment that even those guys that refuse to touch a white wine (because, you know, white wines aren’t manly) are drinking Rosé. I guess they think it gives them street creed. Its pretty funny watching them contort and try to explain away their previous bigotry (‘some of my best friends are Rosé!’).

But here’s the thing; Rosé isn’t a trend or a fad, its just a wine, like so many other wines. Some you like, some you don’t. So what?

Rosé is not even a style of wine! It’s coloration is due to the fact that (mostly all) Rosé is made from red grapes. After pressing, the skins of the red grapes (where the pigmentation exists) stays in contact with the juice of the grape for only a short period of time. Ergo, pink-(ish) wine!

Pink doesn’t mean sweet or light or crisp. It just means pink. All those other attributes exist independent of the hue of the wine. And, by the way, a darker hue (claret? Garnet?) doesn’t mean that the wine is sweeter or heavier or anything else. It means that the skins were in contact with the juice for a few more hours.

Anyway, this (slightly darker hued) Rosé is made of Grenache, Syrah and Mourvedre and its crisp and fresh and bright and delicious. Its got beautiful red berry favors to start, with intriguing herbal and earthy flavors in the middle and invigorating acidity on the finish. Its a great wine for almost any food that you might serve now and as the weather gets warmer. Inside, outside, all around the town. 

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