My Favorite wine: April 24, 2018

2016 Pierre-Marie Chermette

Moulin a Vent

Cru Beaujolais

‘Les Trois Roches’

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Some wines are meant to pondered over. They are complex and coy, revealing aromas and flavors over a period of time, changing in the glass and the bottle as it empties.

Other wines are all about instant gratification. They are nakedly, joyously exuberant. A delight to drink, they are delicious with food or without, adaptable to changing seasons and fun.

This wine is both.

Typically, the exuberant wines, those California Cabernets and Chardonnays, with their vanilla oak flavored sweet fruit, low acidity and high alcohol levels taste good but are not particularly complex (regardless what the critics say). They are largely a blaring trumpet solo…stirring, skillful, loud, but not profound.

The other extreme are those long-lived wines made of Nebbiolo and Pinot Noir, which punish the eager and reward the patient. But the rewards are cerebral and ethereal, quiet and understated, beautiful but cloaked.

This Gamay offers both…loud yet thoughtful, delicious now yet ageworthy. It rewards the eager and the patient differently, to be sure, as the ripe fruit and tannic grip evolves to a charming and silky tapestry of flavors. This is a wine for wine lovers; those that seek out the adventure and discovery of wine.