My Favorite Wine: April 11, 2018

2016 Jean Paul Brun
‘Le Rose d’Folie’

Beaujolais Rose
Regular Price $19.99
Sale Price $15.99

Let’s be clear…neither the calendar nor the thermometer is a factor in my selecting this as my favorite wine this week. The is my favorite wine because it’s friggin’ delicious!

This wine is 100% Gamay, but unlike the eponymous Beaujolais Nouveau, the wine is made using neither whole-cluster fermentation nor carbonic maceration. The resulting wine is fresh and lush with berry, peach and river stone aromas and flavors and brisk acidity. Its low in alcohol but not sweet, refreshingly tart but with bright and delicious fruit flavors. It’s serious wine that tastes good.

You could age this wine and it would become even more supple and graceful. You can drink this wine bone-chillingly cold and it would delight. But you should drink this wine this year or perhaps next, not overly cold, with any soft or semi-soft cheese, or any shellfish, or poultry or duck, or…just about anything that you’d like. Its really, really that good.

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