March 17, 2018: Wines of Piedmont, Tuscany & Veneto

Pra ‘Otto’ Soave Classico 2016

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This is a beautiful and refreshing wine made of Garganega, which is largely unknown outside of Veneto. Crisp and clean with tart apple and lime flavors, it was the ‘it’ white from Italy throughout the 70’s. Put down that Pinot Grigio and pick up this Soave!


Terenzi ‘Balbino’ Vermentino di Maremma 2016

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Vermentino is little loved outside of Italy. It enjoys sea facing vineyards and has been revered in Sardinia since the 14th century. Known in Piedmont as Favorita, in Liguria as Pigato and in the Rhone Valley as Rolle, it is undervalued due to its unassuming nature when neglected. This rendition is terrific, however, rich with floral and stone fruit aromas and flavors. Unoaked, crisp and fresh, it’s an easy wine to like.


Terenzi Morellino di Scansano 2016

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This is a particularly bright, fresh and vibrant example of Sangiovese from the southern end of Tuscany. Unoaked and gentle, this wine shows bright tart cherry flavors backed by persistent acidity and floral notes. It’s just lovely

Brigaldara Valpolicella 2016

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Sale Price: $12.99

The principal grapes in Valpolicella are largely unknown beyond Verona: Corvina, Molinara and Rondinella and although the quantity of wine produced in the area is 2nd only to Tuscany, many don’t know (or appreciate) the virtues of Valpolicella. This is a wine of grace rather than power, with impeccable balance.


Chionetti ‘Briccolero’ Dogliani 2012

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The fifth generation of the Chionetti family grows Dolcetto in the town of Dogliani and this wine, from the Sori Briccolero vineyards, exhibits just how good the grape can be in the right hands. Rich and round, with plush plum flavors and berry and violet aromas.


Cascina Chicco Nebbiolo Langhe 2015

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Sale Price: $19.99

Nebbiolo is the prized grape of Piedmont and grape of Barolo and Barbaresco. Not typically the blockbuster wines misrepresented by the wine press, Nebbiolo instead is tannic and shy when young and develops complex flavors and depth as it ages. This wine is a young and approachable version that nonetheless stays true to its nature.